Exceeding the Limits

Theodore – Exceeding the Limits

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Our son Theodore is our first child and became a big brother last year. He is the happiest boy and is always making us laugh. When Teddy’s little brother was born, we noticed more behavioral problems arising. We realized this was a big transition for him and were doing everything we could to help him with it, but we knew he needed more. We enrolled him in the ABA program at Monark in Findlay, Ohio. Our insurance covers a certain number of hours each week, but we’re responsible for the daily co-pays. It was an extra expense that we decided we had to take on to make sure we got him the best possible support. His days at Monark gave him a good break out of the house and away from the baby. That helped him a lot to not listen to crying or seeing me care for another child.

Teddy loves going to ABA and gets along so good with all the kiddos and workers (he is loved there). Since starting the early intervention program, Teddy has worked so hard to figure out how to communicate some of his needs to his dad and me. He started to use sign language to ask for “more”, started clapping, and his eye contact has gotten so much better plus he responds to his name more often.

Thanks to the support from the Suzanne Tyner Fund, Theodore has experienced a transformative journey in his therapy. With their assistance, he has been able to access crucial speech and occupational therapy sessions, enabling him to improve his communication skills significantly. Theodore now possesses a vocabulary of a handful of words and adeptly utilizes an AAC device to express himself. Moreover, he has learned numerous gestures and signs, facilitating smoother communication and interaction in his daily life. Simple tasks that were once challenging, such as brushing his teeth and washing his hands, have now become more manageable, highlighting the remarkable progress he has made. Notably, Theodore’s ability to follow simple commands has greatly enhanced his transition skills. The impact of the therapy center’s interventions, made possible by the Suzanne Tyner Fund, has truly been life-changing for Theodore, empowering him to thrive and engage more fully in his world. Additionally, it’s fun to note that Theodore’s interests in swinging, fish, animals, and bubbles bring joy and further opportunities for engagement in his therapeutic journey.