Our Executive Director and Board of Directors.

Young child with autism


Our Executive Director and Board of Directors.

Stacy Harper

“I have seen it first-hand: Together, we can make a meaningful difference.”

Stacy Harper, Executive Director

Stacy Harper attributes her greatest career successes to her ability to cultivate collaborative relationships and establish motivational climates that foster organizational and individual achievement. Stacy applied those talents for 20 years at the American Red Cross and five years with ProMedica Foundations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the University of Toledo and an Associate Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

Stacy feels that her genuine concern for people and her belief that everyone deserves to experience their best lives led her to Avenues. A servant leader, Stacy remains steadfast in her commitment to creating positive change. She works to extend possibilities for the one in 54 children diagnosed with ASD while assisting families with the unimaginable expense of caring for individuals with autism.

“I have witnessed once-shut doors open for students as they complete our program.”

Mallory Gebers, Venture Bound Program Manager

Mallory Gebers is Program Manager for Venture Bound. Mallory holds a Master’s in Special Education and a Transition-to-Work Endorsement from Bowling Green State University. She also recently completed her doctoral coursework in Educational Administration and Leadership at the University of Toledo.

Before joining Avenues for Autism, Mallory was a high school Intervention Specialist for seven years. She has a passion for developing and facilitating student-led transitions. Mallory is moved by the positive impact Venture Bound has on students.

Mallory Gebers

Board of Directors

Mike Ariss, Board Chair

Blake Pilgrim, Co-Vice Chair

Jim Burnor, Co-Vice Chair

Mary Jane Luck, Secretary

Ryan Albright, Treasurer

Meg Ressner, Director Emeritus

Brian Stuckey

Sister Dorothy Thum

Greg Silloway

Gabrielle Mattimore

Tom Daniels
(Venture Bound Advisory Board Chair)